Dukas - Villanelle for Horn (MP3 Piano Accompaniment)


Looking for a play-along piano accompaniment to practice Paul Dukas' Villanelle for French Horn and Piano? Look no further! Included here in one MP3 track (Complete) so you can practice with your own accompanist anytime and anywhere! Due to interpret-able speeds, tempos have been chosen that are average and moderate. If you are looking for specific custom tempos, email us at sales@valleymusicpress.com. Track includes several strategic clicks to help with tempo changes in the accompaniment. This is a fantastic tool to prepare your solo part for a performance, concert, recital, lesson, simply be better prepared with your part before playing with your human piano accompanist, or just to have fun! Available now as downloadable MP3!

Villanelle for French Horn and Piano
Paul Dukas

Piano MP3 Accompaniment Tracks Included:
Villanelle (Complete In One Track)

Major Tempos:
Tres Modere - Dotted Quarter = 55
First 4/4 = Quarter = 92
Tres Vif (2/2) = Half Note = 135
Legerement retenu = Half Note = 128
Au Mouvt - Half Note = 135
Tres Modere (6/8) = Dotted Quarter = 55
Tres Anime (2/2) = Half Note = 150

Available now as downloadable MP3s!

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