Dvorak - Songs My Mother Taught Me Op. 55 No. 4 (Trp & Piano)


Looking for beautiful, lyrical, and melodic solos to play for church services, preludes, weddings, background music, concerts or recitals? Look no further! This fourth vocal selection from Dvorak's Als die alte Mutter, "Songs My Mother Taught Me" Op. 55 (No. 4) has been transcribed and edited for Trumpet in Bb with piano accompaniment. Specifically edited with additional rest for the instrumentalist. Also available for French Horn in F or Trombone/Baritone. As in the original, the solo part is written in 2/4 time over the piano, which is written in 6/8. Need this piece in a different key signature or for a different keyed instrument? Let us know! Looking for the vocal version in multiple transposed keys? Click Here!

Als die alte Mutter - "Songs My Mother Taught Me" for Trumpet Solo and Piano Sheet Music
Gypsy - Melody, Op. 55, No. 4
Anton Dvorak
Transcribed and Edited by Nate Hepler
Published by Valley Music Press
Approximately 2'00"

Trumpet in Bb

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