Arban Art of Phrasing Piano Accompaniment Vol. 1 No. 1-25 (C)

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Jean-Baptiste Arban's The Art of Phrasing, found in the back of the Complete Conservatory Method, has been a staple tool for not only trumpet players around the world, but many brass players' development in all aspects of playing. It is a tool many teachers, performers, and students, from beginner to advanced, continue to use in their own practice time, even today. Few players have ever heard all the accompaniments or harmonies to which these beautiful melodies belong. In fact, many works' origins have been a mystery, some even their composer, or the larger work from which they came, until now! For the first time you can not only hear them, but actually play the melodies with the harmonization they were meant to be played with!

Many hours were spent digging through files, scouring through scores, operas, and databases to find these small melodies. Selections and markings in the solo part have been based on the Arban Complete Conservatory Method edition from 1982, edited by Claude Gordon, rather than the original. Piano accompaniments have been edited from their original state to fit the solo selections, key, and form. In many cases, the melodies from Arban's compilation left out a bridge or development section, additional variations, introductions, endings, large and small portions for unknown reasons, and certainly musical markings. Accompaniments have been edited in order to fit and match the solo part from Arban's compilation, including key transposition. Markings were kept to a minimum in the accompaniment to match the solo part and not influence the soloist, but rather allow him or her to develop their own style, phrasing, and musical interpretation.

Trumpet players and other low brass players who have used the Arban's book know what a great resource for musical development the Art of Phrasing compilation is in our repertoire. They have enjoyed used this compilation to not only practice phrasing, but fundamentals, musicality, transposition, and for countless other purposes. Because this tool has been so valuable, we are offering this collection not only for Instrument in Bb (Trumpet), but also Instrument in F (French Horn), Instrument in C (Concert Pitch), and Concert Pitch Bass Clef Instruments (Trombone/Baritone/Euphonium/Tuba). Each has been adapted to make this small treasure available to other instrument groups. We hope you enjoy playing through the Art of Phrasing with their accompaniment and discover new things each time you do! This is the first volume of accompaniments for No. 1-25, and a must have for every beginner, intermediate, and advanced brass player! Found only here!

Piano Accompaniment MP3 files included to play-along on your own!

Arban The Art of Phrasing Volume 1 No. 1-25 Piano Accompaniment for Instrument in C Sheet Music
Various Composers (Originally Compiled By Jean-Baptiste Arban)
Compiled and Edited by Nate Hepler
Published by Valley Music Press

1. Robin Adair
2. Loving, I Think Of Thee
3. My Pretty Jane
4. How Fair Thou Art
5. America
6. Last Rose Of Summer
7. My Own, My Guiding Star (Robin Hood)
8. Why Do I Weep For Thee?
9. Blue Bells of Scotland
10. Dutch Air
11. Now The Swallows Are Returning
12. Who Shall Be Fairest?
13. Russian Hymn
14. O, Ye Tears
15. Puritan's Daughter
16. Woodman Spare That Tree
17. Love Not
18. Then You'll Remember Me
19. O Wert Thou But Mine Own Love
20. May We Be Happy Yet
21. Constance
22. The Heart Of Thy Nora Is Breaking For Thee
23. Il Poliuto
24. The Heart Bowed Down
25. When We Meet Again

Instrument in C (Concert Pitch)
Piano Accompaniment
MP3 Play-Along Piano Accompaniment Files

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