Mouret - Rondeau (Brass Quintet)


Popularized as the "Masterpiece Theater" theme, Jean-Joseph Mouret's Rondeau is a well known and highly requested piece for weddings, ceremonies, and other events. Great for use as a processional, recessional, postlude, church service, background music, and more! Arranged for two piccolo trumpets in A, horn, trombone, and tuba.

Rondeau for Brass Quintet Sheet Music
Jean-Joseph Mouret
Arranged by Nate Hepler
Published by Valley Music Press
Approximately 1 min 42 sec

Included are:
Optional endings - marked where the ensemble can end on a proper cadences in the event of an unconventional ending, whether it be early, or after extending the selection.
Jump Points - designed simply for jumping around easily, repeating sections, or skipping sections without confusion. Jump Points are clearly marked as numbers enclosed in circles up to five so the first trumpet may show with one hand where to go without stopping.
Optional Ornaments - written out in as an option to the conventional melody. These are only suggestions and are meant to inspire further ornamental improvisation.

Piccolo Trumpet 1 in A
Piccolo Trumpet 2 in A
French Horn

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Available now as a downloadable PDF!

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