Gabrieli - Canzon septimi toni No. 2 (Brass Octet)


A great Gabrieli standard for brass, Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2 in its original form of 8 voices, transcribed and edited for brass octet (double brass quartet) and set in the comfortable key of concert Eb for brass. Perfect for two brass choirs! Includes two trombone parts to substitute out the horns. Scored for four Trumpets, two French Horns (or two trombones substituting for Horn), and two Trombones. Using the substitution parts, is scored for four Trumpets and four Trombones. Perfect for many occasions! Also available one whole step higher (Concert F) or two whole steps (Concert G) by email request only. Please email us at if you are interested in purchasing this version.

Canzon Septimi Toni No. 2 for Brass Octet (Double Brass Quartet) Sheet Music
Giovanni Gabrieli
Arranged by Nate Hepler
Published by Valley Music Press
Approximately 3' 00"

Trumpet 1 in Bb Choir 1
Trumpet 2 in Bb Choir 1
French Horn Choir 1
Trombone (Sub. for Horn) Choir 1
Trombone 1 Choir 1
Trumpet 1 in Bb Choir 2
Trumpet 2 in Bb Choir 2
French Horn Choir 2
Trombone (Sub. for Horn) Choir 2
Trombone 2 Choir 2

Available For the Following Ensembles:
Brass Quartet with Organ
Brass Quintet with Organ
Brass Octet (Double Quartet)
Trumpet Octet

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